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Below is an overview of what our sessions may include. After our initial consultation, I personalise a strategy for your long-term success and offer healing tools that fit you, your lifestyle and your goals.

A new future can only begin if we take the first step.





> Evaluating your goals

where are you now and where do you want to be

> Identifying obstacles and stepping stones

let's talk habits and find solutions that work for you

> Determining how food choices affect your life

your work, your family, your health

> Creating your ideal week in food choices

and how you can achieve it

> Aligning your mind with your goals 

psychology of eating/overeating

habits and how to break them



> Exploring the latest science

on the whole foods diet and more

> Nutritional values and what they mean

 food groups, recommendations, reading labels and deciphering ingredients


> Macro- and micronutrients

carbohydrates, proteins and fats

 vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients

> Steading your glucose levels

and why that's important

> The microbiome and your gut health 

 fermented foods and diverse plant fiber

impact on your physical and mental wellbeing

> Environmental factors and animal welfare

how they affect human life



> Personal food guide / energy levels

identifying serving sizes, tailored recommendations

> Lessons in meal planning

including personalised supplementation

> Recipes and easy kitchen hacks

your cravings are important and

deserve a place on your plate!

> Running a whole foods kitchen

staples, replacements and favourites

knives, plastic-free kitchen, technology, storage

> Understanding the risks of diet culture

and why your intuition is the best indicator

of whats good for you

Future you


> Living a whole foods lifestyle 

navigating restaurants, family talk, travel, 

 your budget and much more

> Mental balance and routines

meditation, affirmations and mantras

> Body image and self love

fitness, rest, and healthy sleep

> Books, podcasts and other media recommendations to independently grow your knowledge and keep up with current science

> ready to meet future you?

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