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My Story


Growing up in a household of naturopaths and chefs, I started to connect the dots between food and human health at an early age. We always ate colourful meals at the family table which ignited my love for healthy food and nutrition. My mother is a great chef and has always taught me how to use the healing powers of herbs and plants in the kitchen. Practicing naturopathy, she faced many diet related illnesses in patients and has passed on her valuable knowledge to me over the years. 

During my years as an inflight chef on private jets, I collected transformative experiences in the fine dining industry around the globe. I've spent many months living in Dubai, the Caribbean and Italy where I learned firsthand about their local food and culture. 

Whilst pursuing my nutrition certification, I became fascinated with the remarkable healing properties of food, and I knew that I wanted to keep sharing this knowledge. I absolutely love what I do. My enthusiasm for nutrition science, new research, and genuine love for people makes my work so fulfilling.

In 2019 my parents and me founded Smart Cuisine consulting. We accompanied several restaurant-openings in Switzerland and the United States since then. As experienced chefs and restaurant owners, we help other businesses expand their "palettes" and explore healthy solutions. After the pandemic, my parents are focusing on rental properties and private chef services in southern Italy and I visit as often as I can.

In 2022 I moved to Savannah, GA where I manage the wellness department at a local and independently owned Health Food Store. We specialise in botanical remedies, herbs, supplements and of course organic, farm-to-table produce.

Me and my husband are following a mediterranean diet and keep discovering new ways of living wholesomely.

In a world where you can be anything - be kind. 

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