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This evidence based nutrition and wellness coaching is for everyone. Are you curious about how to eat healthier? Do you have fitness goals and need support getting there? Is your gut health out of order and you want answers? For mothers and fathers, for health-curious vegans, experimenting meat eaters, handy cooks and microwave-heroes; for anyone finally ready to change.

Free 30 min introductory consultation (via phone call, zoom or in person)​

My sessions are customised to address your most pressing concerns and questions first. From there we start working towards your goals - I will support you every step of the way while "the new you" unfolds. I recommend a minimum of 5-10 hourly sessions to cover a well-rounded base of information and to build your knowledge to a point of self-sufficiency.

Image by Raul Gonzalez Escobar
Family Dinner
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